Volunteering = Community

Volunteers are the driving force in any community, and that is no different here; residents who volunteer make Kingstowne a vibrant and friendly community.

Time commitments to volunteer can fit any type of schedule. You may have time for a single event or maybe an ongoing opportunity. Whatever you are looking to do to make a difference, you are sure to find. Share you time, talent, or resources in one of these activities.

Community Events and ClubsDo you enjoy our annual egg hunt and family friendly parties such as the Kid’s Halloween Carnival? Our large community events could always use a little to help to continue making them great. Our hope is to also bring back the haunted house but can’t do it without volunteers.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the official decision-making group for the community. The makeup of the BOT, how they function, how and when they are elected and the way in which they do business is all dictated not only by our documents, but by Community Association laws in Virginia. The BOT is made up of seven members all of whom are elected at large from the residential community.

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for the administration and enforcement of architectural design standards and restrictions for the community as well as the revision of guidelines as they relate to issues.

The Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) reviews the budget and advises the Board on the management of the corporation’s assets, as well as reviewing the financial statements, delinquent accounts, and oversight of contract specifications and bid solicitation. 

The Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NAB) report, either through management staff or directly to the BOT. Ideally, we hope all neighborhoods in Kingstowne would have active NABs. All NABs are made up of residents form the neighborhood who volunteer to put in the time to have neighborhood meetings and communicate through those meetings or email with residents.