The Kingstonian

The official publication of Kingstowne Residential Owners Corporation is the Kingstonian. It is mailed out to all residents and offsite owners; approximately over 6,000 properties. Extra copies are also made available at the business office. The magazine is published every month, with the exception of the January and August issues. 

To view past Kingstonian's, login to the resident portal of TownSq or view the most recent version on Dropbox


Business and Classified Advertising

If you would like to place a business print ad, paid article or a classified ad in the magazine, please contact our NEW publisher, Imagery Print & Promotions, for prices and information at or (703) 723-3400. The advertising contract is available at Imagery Print & Promotions website,


Submit your advertisement and payment to Imagery Print & Promotions by the 1st of the month prior to the month you want your ad to run. (E.g., run ad in February issue, deadline is January 1).


Submitting an Article

If you would like to submit an article for publication in the Kingstonian, you can email your submission to The deadline for all submissions is the 1st of the month prior to the issue it is to be printed (E.g., April 1 is the May deadline).


Kingstowne Residential Owners Corporation reserves the right to refuse publication of any submission if it does not meet our Editorial Guidelines or spacing is unavailable.